I encourage all you Librarians out there to submit translations, variations, permutations and all other forms of content with hashtags #TotalLibrary #LibraryofBabel, #theLibraryofBabel and #Borges on twitter.


This project tempts to create volumes of Borges’ Library of Babel by using the internet as it’s vast Library. All twitter hashtags regarding Borges and the Library of Babel are being collected in order to generate volumes.
The result is a hybrid publication which will be unique at any given moment.
By using the print.volume button any ‘Librarian’ can print or download the most recent volume of this infinite Library.



In the short story The Library of Babel, the great Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges constructs a metaphorical replica of the universe. A vast library that has no circumference and no center. It contains an infinite number of texts, many of which are imperfect copies of other ones. Some who use it believe that it includes everything, eternally, while others see it as a feverish library in which texts are in danger of changing from one day to the next.


‘Five hundred years ago, the chief of an upper hexagon came upon a book
as confusing as the others, but which had nearly two pages of homogeneous
lines. He showed his find to a wandering decoder who told him the lines were
written in Portuguese; others said they were Yiddish. Within a century, the
language was established: a Samoyedic Lithuanian dialect of Guarani, with
classical Arabian inflections’



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My solitude is gladdened by this elegant hope.